Mackenzie Fox

Mackenzie Fox

2D/3D Game Artist

Mackenzie Fox

Mackenzie Fox is an award winning game artist and developer based out of New York.

Starting in 2019, Mackenzie has contributed her artistic abilities and creative passion to numerous shipped titles, finding a particular interest in serious games and advocating for accessibility.

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A playful, historically based VR adventure game based on the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride.

Team Size: 3

Tools: UE5, Maya, 3Ds Max, Substance Painter


  • - Model, UV unwrap, and texture low poly environment assets and characters
  • - Prepare 3D characters for animation by rigging and skinning models
  • - Animate emotes, walk cycles, and idles for human characters

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EOS-503 is an educational single-player game designed to teach and assess players' use of learning theory and technology integration in realistic situations.

Team Size: 9

Tools: Unity, Procreate, Aseprite, Figma


  • - Create +300 modular, animated pixel art characters in Aseprite to be used as NPCs and in the character creator.
  • - Design, draw, and implement sci-fi UI for all of the game’s menus.
  • - Work with map designers to flesh out environments with pixel art assets, NPCs, and particle systems.

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Scrapshoot is an action-packed couch co-op party game about defending your junkyard by repairing powerful and chaotic robots.

Team Size: 7

Tools: Unity, Aseprite


  • - Create and animate pixel art assets for all characters and robots.
  • - Illustrate intricate pixel backgrounds with lively details for various settings.
  • - Design UI menus, buttons, and icons in a junkyard aesthetic.

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A social elimination game about earning the crown in a high stakes game of woodland politics.

Hare Apparent is an award winning game developed and published by Devin P. Quinn and available for free on Steam.

Tools: Procreate


  • - Work closely with the client to clearly understand their characters’ appearances, personalities, and other defining characteristics.
  • - Conduct informed research to develop a concrete aesthetic across all characters.
  • - Illustrate diverse, lively character assets and get them to a game-ready state.

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