Mackenzie Fox


2D Artist & Animator


2D Artist & Animator


February 2020




Unity, Aseprite

Scrapshoot is an action-packed couch co-op party game created by a team of 7 developers in the span of 48 hours for the 2020 Global Game Jam. My role on the project is 2D asset creation, animation, GUI design, and overall art direction. In this position, I worked with my team to formulate a list of assets that we would need to make the game playable as well as intuitive to the players.

While Scrapshoot was made from start to finish during the Game Jam, after much effort, time, and polish, it is now available on Steam! We continue to update the project at Pyrebug Studios, adding new maps and features to Scrapshoot as much as we can.

Original Gameplay footage (2020)